Which team are you in?

Since I had joined Schneider Electric in mid-January this year as a intern, I have enjoyed working here. It has a very nice and pleasant atmosphere with very helping people. Since I am just an intern, I seek a lot of help from co-employees and all of them are willing to go an extra mile to help me in any way I may require help.

I also met some seniors from my college here and some other people who came to Manipal to conduct interviews. In the casual discussions that have been there, one question has repeatedly been asked – “Which team are you in?” Initially I used to say I am in the “Power” team (the Power Business Unit, the flagship business unit of Schneider Electric), then I used to say I am in Jomy’s team (Mr Jomy Yohanan, General Manager in Power Business Unit who heads the software division of the Power Business Unit), then my answer changed to Naga’s team (my mentor Mr Nagarjuna Addanki, Business Partner-Technical who heads a team of around 15 people). Looking the facial expressions of the people after hearing my answer I was getting some idea that my answer to the question is not very correct, but just did not know the correct answer. Finally I have figured out the correct answer to the question. I am in the ‘Web Services’ team of the ‘Power Monitoring Expert’.

Everybody in the team is very hard-working. Everybody is willing to help me at all times. They all make sure that my work environment is awesome and I enjoy my work here. My mentor takes extra efforts to make sure that the team atmosphere is always cool and we have all gelled very well as a small unit here. All team members, specially my mentor, Jaiprakash (fondly called JP), Allen, Guru, Sandhya and Jitendra (Jitu) take keen interest in the progress of my project.

Thinking back to all the different varieties of replies I gave before knowing the exact answer to the question, I realize that this is the question whose correct answer I should have known on the first day itself!


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