Configure a Spring MVC Project with Intellij IDEA

A nice post by a friend on configuring Spring MVC project.

In My Own Write

For a school project, I had to use the Spring MVC Framework, and I found it an absolute nightmare to get it to work. For first thoughts, I am not very familiar with tools like Maven (and even the Intellij IDE), so it naturally took longer. Additionally, most of the tutorials I followed on the internet did not work for me, and I was running into some or the other issues.

This post is a sort of self documentation, so that I know the steps I need to follow, to get up and running with Spring MVC with minimal configuration. I document two methods to get Spring MVC to work with Intellij. The first one uses the Spring MVC template that is there in Intellij, whereas the second one uses Maven. As I don’t have that much experience with using Maven, and Spring, I probably can’t recommend one method over…

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Random thoughts

It is an hour past midnight, and most of this town is fast asleep. Bloomington, unlike Chicago, or New York, or Los Angeles, is a small town and the life here starts early in the morning, which means the city goes to sleep much earlier than usual. It was this moment, that staring out of … Continue reading Random thoughts

Caressing front-end design frameworks for web

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Yet another proud moment for India

After waving the tricolor on the Mars Orbiter Mission mission, it was yet another proud moment for India as the first Frech-designed, indigeniously built, Scorpene submarine was launched into the waters at the Mumbai docks. This is the first of the six submarines, each subsequent one being delivered in nine months. These are French-designed diesel-electric … Continue reading Yet another proud moment for India

Message passing and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

Web’s security model revolves around the same origin policy, meaning that a site having a domain can send and receive scripts and resources from or from www.* that is, either from the same domain, or a sub-domain of that domain. Same origin policy says that the two scripts or resource must be with the … Continue reading Message passing and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)