Some projects and code snippets I worked on:-

Timer App

  • App to create a countdown timer and a stop-watch
  • Tools, technologies and concepts: React.js, Node.js, Foundation CSS, HTML5, CSS, Heroku

Weather Now

  • Application to report weather in a location
  • Tools, technologies and concepts: React.js, Node.js, Foundation CSS, HTML5, CSS, Heroku, OpenWeatherMap Weather API
  • Link to codebase and live app


  • Familiarizing with RabbitMQ and evaluating it for use as a message queue
  • Technologies and concepts: C#, ASP.NET Core 1.1, Message Queues, RabbitMQ
  • Link to codebase

Redis Message-Queue

  • Implemented a message queue in Redis
  • Technologies: C#, ASP.NET Core 1.1, Message Queues, Reddis
  • Link to codebase


  • Alexa skill to run on Amazon Echo for weather reporting
  • Technologies, tools and frameworks: Python, Flask, Alexa SDK, Zappa, ngrok, OpenWeatherMap API
  • Link to codebase


  • Exploring implementation of microservices with Docker
  • Tools, technologies and concepts: C#, ASP.NET Core 1.1, Docker, Microservices
  • Link to codebase


  • Getting started with React.js
  • Technologies and concepts: React.js, JSX, webpack, react-routing
  • Link to codebase


  • Portal to facilitate buying and selling goods in a location
  • Based on first-price auction model
  • Technologies, frameworks and concepts: Java, Spring MVC, Maven, Hibernate, MySQL, React.js, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, First-price auction model


  • Portal to facilitate adoption of pets
  • Technologies, frameworks and concepts: Java, Spring MVC, Maven, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Link to codebase

Tweet Classifier

  • Implemented tweet-classifier that classifies tweets into various categories and topics
  • Technologies, frameworks and concepts: Python, Flask, JavaScript, HTML5, Twitter API, Naive Bayes
  • Link to codebase


  • Profiling resource utilization of instant messaging applications
  • Link to research paper


  • Classified blocks of page detected by a segmentation
  • Used the data set ‘page-blocks’ from UCI Machine Learning repository, containing 5473 observations and 10 attributes
  • Explored structure of data set, it’s visualization, classification algorithms, and contrasted their outputs
  • Technologies and concepts: R, Data Mining, Data Visualization
  • Link to codebase


  • Developed a chat bot to respond to chats on Facebook
  • Tools and technologies: Node.js, Facebook API, Heroku
  • Link to codebase

Spam Classifier

  • Implemented spam classifier using decision trees with both continuous and binary frequency distributions
  • Achieved over 98% accuracy in correctly classifying spam and ham emails for both binary and continuous frequency distributions on a test set comprising over 3000 emails
  • Technologies and concepts: Python, Machine Learning, Decision Trees
  • Link to codebase

POS Tagger

  • Implemented parts of speech tagging of natural language with graphical models
  • Won 2nd prize in quantitative comparisons among submissions from 150 M.S. and Ph.D. student
  • Technologies and concepts: Python, Natural Language Processing

Route Finder

  • Developed a route-finder application to find routes between 12,000 cities of USA and Mexico based on user-defined parameters (like minimum-time, minimum-distance, avoid highways, minimum cities, etc.)
  • Technologies and concepts: Python, Graph traversal algorithms (BFS, DFS, A*)
  • Link to codebase


  • Developed a web application to suggest similar movies to a search query and preference of a user, using SPARQL to query DBpedia endpoint
  • Technologies: Java (JSP), JavaScript, SPARQL, HTML5, DBpedia, RDF

Xinu Operating System

  • Developed modules to implement semaphores and ‘future’ mechanism to synchronise asynchronously produced data, developed an in-memory file system and developed networking modules to communicate with a Linux machine and use ‘future’ mechanism over the network
  • Technologies and concepts: C, Xinu Operating System, Operating System Principles
  • Link to codebase

Predictive Search in a Large-Scale Production System

  • App to provide closely related recommendations to a search query using a modification of k-nearest neighbour algorithm (instance weighted approach)
  • Technologies and concepts: Java, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Data Mining

Steganography for ASCII text documents

  • Implemented a Steganography technique for hiding information in ASCII text documents
  • Technologies and concepts: C, AES, gzip
  • Link to codebase


  • Application to navigate to nearby places in and around an area and keep a track of them
  • Technologies: JavaScript, Google Maps API, Google Places API, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, Highcharts, Apache Cordova
  • Link to codebase


  • Application to help people in distress
  • Contains a RESTful service to receive distress signals from client applications
  • Client application created for Android devices
  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Apache Cordova
  • Link to webservice codebase and client application codebase


  • Android app to calculate the carbon footprint based on the mode of travel being used
  • Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Google Maps API, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
  • Link to codebase


  • A mash-up of ‘Flickr’, ‘Google Maps’ and ‘Yahoo weather’ APIs to explore places while travelling
  • Technologies: Node.js, HTML5, Foundatin CSS, CSS3, Flickr API, Google Maps API, Yahoo Weather API
  • Link to codebase

Browser Poll

  • A web application for conducting an online browser-poll and later displaying the results from other users
  • Technologies and concepts: MVC design pattern, OOP in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Link to codebase

Time and Work Management Project

  • An application made for sending and receiving messages and scheduling meetings within an organization
  • Technologies: Java (JSP), HTML5, CSS, AJAX
  • Link to codebase


  • Question-answer forum supporting threaded replies to questions, tagging questions into topics and search
  • Technologies: ASP.NET, Visual Basic, HTML5, CSS
  • Link to codebase